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Useful information about Kiev

The indigenous citizens are very friendly and helpful people (usually written on the forums of Kiev).

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All major attractions are in the center of Kiev city. There is a well-established tourist hiking trails.

National currency - Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH/grn) Notes are in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20.50, 100, 200, 500 hryvnia. In one UAH - 100 cents.


For smoking in public places the policeman can you be fined.

Drinking beer in the streets and other public places - is prohibited. A police officer will require to pay a fine.

All hotels and restaurants accept payment by bank cards Visa and MasterCard.

You can exchange foreign currency at any bank or exchange office.

On the Kreschatik street banks are open on Saturdays.

Pay attention! In an exchange of foreign currency you must show your passport. (On some semi-legal markets on the outskirts of the city you can be exchanged only Dollars and Euro are not presenting papers.)

   In Kiev, a lot of ATMs, especially in the city center.


   Metro in Kiev is open from 6:00 to 24:00. In Kiev, three lines of the subway, runs from 6:00 to 24:00.
The fare on the Metro - 5 hryvna (0.2 Euro).

Tourists often use the Metro (subway). Surface (ground city transportation) public transport in Kiev city goes well enough, especially in the center of the city.

The most common forms of transport in Kiev is a trolley and shuttle mini buses.

Public transport in the city center, has a predominantly circumferential routes.

The city has only one city airport for domestic flights. The second international airport is located abroad the city at a distance of 35 km. 

Most of the concerts, festivals and shows held at the Independence Square and Khreschatyk Street.

In cafes and restaurants can be given up to 10 percent "tip" if it is not listed in the invoice amount.

Electricity: 220 volts / 50 Hz.
Battery chargers for cellular or mobile phones can provide you with only in the hotel.

Native language of Kievan - Russian (there are almost no exceptions). At the same time the official language in Kiev has a formal character.

Souvenirs can be purchased at Andreevsky descent or in a shopping center under the “Slava” square.

Drinking alcoholic beverages is an offense.
If you opened a bottle of beer or champagne - the police will fine you.

It is not recommended to attend public events in the city center and water park at night. There may be a predominant contingent of hard-hitting social - cultural features (street crime).

mobile services (mobile phone) can be bought at all bus stops, or at all metro stations. Starter Package 10 - 15 UAH (SIM card), cash deposit card 25-35 UAH (hryvnia). Internet modem can be purchased at many stores.

Internet cafes - located in an underground shopping mall under the Bessarabian square (near Khreschatyk).

WI-FI is available in most cafes and restaurants in the city center.

In the central part of Kiev:
Entertainment Center "Arena City" is on the Bessarabian square.

Fast-food restaurants, cafes and dining rooms on the main pedestrian route are located at:
1 – Square of Fame in an underground shopping center,
2 - in the shopping center "Globus" at Independence Square (under the Central Square) - minus the 2nd floor.

McDonalds is located near the metro station Khreshchatyk (lower yield), and at the Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti) and another near the subway station "Lev Tolstoy" Square (above the stadium).

1 - In the Bessarabian market
2 - near the “Slava” Square of Fame.
3 - near the stadium "Olympiysky"
Other grocery stores are located at a sufficient distance from the center of city.

Shopping and Entertainment centers:
The area near the subway station Petrovka is the main shopping area of the city of Kiev. This is an area where there are supermarkets and shopping centers of all major retailers. If you move from this area in "Moskovsky Bridge" and across the Dnieper River at some distance, is the largest clothing market "Troyeshchyna."

This is important. See schedule of tourist facilities (open sights).

Most sites operate according to schedule, so when planning a tourist route through the city to consider operation for a visit. For example Water Museum is open until 16:00, and Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is open until 19:00 in summer, but until 17:00 in the autumn, winter and spring.

Sights of Kiev are not situated in the center of city: Water park, beaches on the Dnepr River, Pedestrian Bridge, "Truhanov Island", NEC (National Exhibition Center), the park-museum "Pirogovo" and park "Feofania" and some others. Park "Kievan Rus" is located in the Kiev region, and to get there can be "Obukhov" highway.