Kiev passenger Bus stations and Railway

Travelling by bus or coach to and from Kiev:

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From Kiev by bus you can go to any city of Ukraine: to Odessa, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Simferopol, Vinnitsa, Zhytomyr, Uzhgorod, Zaporozhye, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kirovohrad, Nikolaev, Poltava, Rivne, Sevastopol, Sumy, Ternopil, Kharkov, Khmelnytsky, Cherkassy, Chernigov, Chernivtsi and others - click on-line.


You can book tickets for the coaches now online:

Buses Kiev - Dnepropetrovsk. Ticket price - 250 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Odessa. Ticket price - 257 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Zaporozhye. Ticket price - 280 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Mariupol. Ticket price - 310 hryvnia;
Buses Kiev - Vinnitsa. Ticket price - 210 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Kirovograd. Ticket price - 260 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Khmelnytsky. Ticket price - 210 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Lviv. Ticket price - 280 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Ternopil. Ticket price - 250 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Ivano-Frankivsk. Ticket price - 290 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Zhitomir. Ticket price - 100 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Poltava. Ticket price - 220 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Kremenchug. Ticket price - 210 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Rivne. Ticket Price - 230 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Nikolaev. Ticket Price - 250 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Sevastopol. Ticket Price - 370 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Simferopol. Ticket Price - 370 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Kherson. Ticket Price - 280 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Chernigov. Ticket Price - 180 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Cherkassy. Ticket Price - 150 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Chernivtsi. Ticket Price - 270 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Sumy. Ticket Price - 230 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Lutsk. Ticket Price - 270 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Crimea. Ticket Price - 350 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Yalta. Ticket Price - 380 UAH.
Buses Kiev - Moscow. Ticket price - 550 UAH.

Ukrainian Bus Lines serve almost every city and town in Ukraine. The older fleet of buses would suffice for short trips, although sometimes are overcrowded.  Bus travel is, however, available also by private companies and is not a bad choice.

Kiev Central Bus Station is located at Moskovskaya Square - see on the map.

You can purchase your bus ticket at the Bus Station, but it's better to do so in advance.

Most regional centers have regular international bus services in other countries and abroad, including in European cities.

Ukrainian passenger bus lines are a valuable alternative to other modes of transport, for example, such as railway or flights.

Kiev Central Bus station, located on the "Moscow square" -  Schedule

Bus station address: prospekt Nauki (Avenue of Science) 1/2. Near the metro (subway) station "Demeevskaya."
Phone number in Kiev: 5255774.


Other Bus stations in Kiev:

Bus station Vladimirskaya - Vladimiro-Lybidska str., 25, phone: 269-7293 - Schedule
Bus station Darnitsa - Gagarina str., 1, Kiev, phone: 559-4618  -  Schedule
Bus station Dachna -  Peremogy avenue, 142, Kiev, phone: 424-1503 - Schedule
Bus station Podol - Nizhniy Val str., 15-, Kiev, phone: 417-3542
Bus station Polesye - Shevchenko sqr., 2, Podol, Kiev, phone: 430-3554
Bus station Yuzhnaya - Akademika Glushkova str., 3, Kiev, phone: 257-4004 - Schedule


Kiev main Passenger Railway terminal

Address: Vokzalna (Station) Square, 1. tel.: +380444652111, 5037005.

The Kiev Metro station "Vokzalna" is near the Central Railway terminal, which constitutes the Stations main intersection with city transport.

Located close to the street of the Cominterna / Petlyura str. and Victory Square, the location - 4 miles from the center of Kiev.

South Station - "Pivdenny" railway terminal in Kiev is located on the opposite side of the tracks "Ukrzaliznytsya" and is an optional exit/Terminal of Kiev central railway station.

Kiev central railway station

Kiev central railway station map

Map: scheme of Kiev central railway terminal and subway station "Vokzalna"

railway station, bus station, airport on a Kiev map

Map: central bus station, central railway terminal and city airport on the map.


getting from the railway to center of city

Map: Kiev Central railway terminal on the city map, location. The path from the station to the downtown through some sightseeing.


South Station "Pivdenny" railway passenger terminal in Kiev

foto: South Station - "Pivdenny" passenger railway terminal in Kiev - is New terminal of central railway stations "Kiev passazhyrsky".


Distance to Kiev from European cities

distance to Kiev from the European cities