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Thousands years of ancient architecture of the capital of Kievan Rus.

The Great monuments, cultural centers, museums, theaters, churches, ancient cathedrals, shrines, attractions, unique structures, streets, ancient castles, landscaped parks and much more...


The Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

Kiev - Pechersk Lavra - one of the first monasteries in Kievan Rus - located south of Kiev, on the right bank of the Dnieper river, on the edge of Pechersk Hill.
The spiritual and intellectual influence Pechersk Lavra contributed to the spread of Orthodox culture, Christianity and the Orthodox faith in Russia during the XVII to XIX centuries.

Kiev - Pechersk Lavra Kiev - Pechersk Lavra golden domes

The Kiev Pechersk Lavra - Built in 1051, the monastery serves as a historical and cultural symbol of Kiev, which creates spiritual and cultural value for the Russian nations and also as a spiritual center of the Christian world in the east Europe. Present days, Lavra - the Cave monastery in Kiev has transformed into a museum.
The Lavra architectural structure is included in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List.
Is located on an 21 Lavrska Street. 
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Church of the Tithes - Desyatinnaya Church


Church of the Tithes

“Church of the Tithes” - the most ancient monument since the foundation of the principalities of Kievan Rus territory. Retained only the foundation of the building. Restoration is not possible because there is no precise architectural plans of the building.

stone monument

According to historical sources, under the ruins of the Desyatinna Church - died last citizens of Kiev at the time of capture of the Tatar-Mongol army. Excavations are closed to inspection. The church is located in Kiy-city, on Old Kiev Hill near the stone on which is carved annalistic inscription: "Here were founded the Russian land."       Location: Desyatinny Lane, near St. Andrew's descent.


The "Motherland" Monument and Great Patriotic War Museum

The "Motherland" monument is on the right bank of the Dnieper. The sculpture is part of the memorial complex "The National Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945." Titanium monument woman with a sword and shield symbolizes the era of great power.
National Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 - the memorial complex in the open air in the exposure of which are samples arms of the Soviet army, guns, tanks and aircraft, as well as exposure of the World War II.
From the observation deck can see almost the entire city.
Guided tours to the observation deck of the monument (the shield). According to eyewitnesses - this tour is an unusual sight in urban landscapes.

The Motherland Monument is perhaps the most recognizable monument in Kiev.

Motherland monument view World War II museum from Motherland monument

Pedestal Sculpture - 40 meters, it is a museum.
The sculpture to the upper edge of the sword - 62 m, total height - 102 m, the weight of the monument - about 500 tons observation deck is located at a height of 76 meters.
In the museum are a lot of trophies German troops, uniforms, symbols, weapons and uniforms of Soviet soldiers from World War II.


House with Chimeras

It was built for the daughter of an architect, despite a few scary and Gothic design of the facade - was built for the child.
The Chimaeras building is somewhat unique because it was built of cement and concrete, which at that time were "revolutionary - technology" materials for Kiev and in general for the whole territory of historical period of Tsarist Russia. The first cement plant is also owned by the architect. Address: 10, Bankova Street.

Funny Legend of the House with Chimeras.

House with Chimeras


St. Sophia Cathedral

Saint Sophia Cathedral symbolizes the status of Kiev as the capital of the Christian principality. This masterpiece of medieval architecture occupies the one place of the world by the amount of the conserved mosaics and frescos from the 11th century.
The Cathedral was built in the XI century, after the baptism of Rus (988) during the reign of Prince Vladimir. This is one of the oldest cathedrals of the Kievan Russia, which continues to be preserved today.

Saint Sophia Cathedral

Saint Sophia Cathedral was the first entered in the UNESCO World Heritage monument of architecture in the territory of Ukraine. Address: 24 Vladimirskaya str.


Sophia Square

Sofia square - one of the central and oldest square of Kiev.
At the Sofia square bell tower of St. Sophia Cathedral is a monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky.

Sofia square


St. Michael's Cathedral

St. Michael's golden-domed Monastery - one of the oldest monasteries of Kiev.
It is assumed that St. Michael's Cathedral was the first temple with gold domes. After this, the start this original tradition in Russia.

St. Michael’s Cathedral was built in 1108-13 by Prince Svyatopolk (Michael) Izyaslavovich of Kiev. (open time - see more).

St. Michael's golden-domed Monastery


Andrew's Descent

Andrew's descent - it is a street-museum, one of the main tourist attractions of Kiev. The buildings are located along the street galleries, exhibitions, theaters, and souvenir shops. At the beginning of the descent is St. Andrew's Cathedral, the centuries-old linden tree, Chronicle stone near the Church of the Tithes. Andrew's descent joins the two oldest parts of the city - the upper city and Podol. The street is built up with the buildings of 19th - 20th centuries boundary. All this made "Andreevskiy Spusk" the favorite place of both Kievites and tourists.

Andrew's descent


St. Andrew's Cathedral

St. Andrew's Church - one of the most beautiful sights of Kiev, built in the middle of the XVIII century.
In this Cathedral there is no bell.
Location: Andrew's descent, the Old Kiev Hill. Address: 23, Andrew's descent.

St. Andrew's Cathedral


Golden Gate

Golden Gate - the monument of defensive architecture of Kievan Rus during the reign of Yaroslav the Wise. Construction began in 1037.
Is a fully restored building on the site of the destroyed "the first Golden Gate" - the ancient Kiev in the period before the Mongol invasion.
Location: Yaroslaviv Val, Old-Kiev hill. Near the "Golden Gate" metro station.

Golden Gate Golden Gate



What to do in Kiev and all the attractions of Kiev

Thousands of years of ancient architecture of the capital of Kievan Rus. Monuments, cultural sites and landmarks.

Khreshchatyk - the main street of Kiev, the length of 1200 meters.
It starts from the European Square near the park Kreschaty passes through Independence Square, which in turn has the status of the town square and ends at the Bessarabian Square, near the Bessarabian Market.
Walk through the Khreshchatyk be about 20 minutes.
According to documents of the XVII century the adjacent area was called Khreschaty Valley.
Khreshchatyk Street was created at the beginning of the XIX century, but until then Khreschatik called Dnepr embankment near Podol, now called Naberezhno Kreschatinskaya - a promenade on which Prince Vladimir the Great baptized his relatives.

Khreshchatyk Street

The first main street of Kiev - a street Vladimirskaya. Street is located on Old Kiev Hill, and starts at St. Michael's Square  near the St. Michael's Cathedral. Street was founded long ago, paved stone pavement.
In 1892 from the street Khreshchatyk was launched first in the Russian Empire the electric tram, which followed the route down to the Podol and back.
During the Second World War Khreshchatyk Street was completely destroyed, and later was built up with a giant at the time width - up to 100 meters.

Saint Vladimir Monument


Saint Vladimir Monument

Grand Prince of Kiev - Vladimir I. Prince Vladimir is a symbol of violent Christianization of ancient pagan Russia, on the principle of "fire and sword." Has the status of the Archangel.
According to the legend in this place Prince Vladimir watched the ritual of baptism from Kiev. The baptism took place in the Dnepr River (988).


Alexander's Catholic Church

Alexander's Church, named after Czar Alexander the first, is the oldest church in Kiev.
Located address: 17, Kostyolna Str.
The building has been transformed into a planetarium, and only in 1991 the church was reopened. Today, Alexander's Roman Catholic Church has the status of the oldest church in Kiev, and the main Catholic church in Kiev.

Alexander's Catholic Church

Landscape Alley

Alley near the Church of the Tithes. Example of modern landscape architecture.

Landscape Alley Landscape Alley

It has many facilities like the playground. One of the most wonderful places of Kiev. One of the favorite places of Kiev.
Located at: Desyatinny lane 7. At the edge of Starokievsky hill, near the History Museum of Ukraine, the Church of the Tithes, Vladimir's Hill and Andrew's descent.

Museum of History of Ukraine

Museum of History of Ukraine

Richard's Castle - Lionheart

Castle of the Richard - Lion Heart - monument of the XIX century, built in the style of the British neo-Gothic near the "Mount of Sighs" Uzdyhalnitsy (Vozdyhalnitsy). Located below, on the St. Andrew's descent on the way from St. Andrew's Church.
The house was built in 1902-1904 by order of the Kiev's industrialist Dmitry Orlov.
It is believed that he gave the name of a famous writer Viktor Nekrasov, Kiev.

Castle of the Richard - Lion Heart Castle of the Richard - Lion Heart

St. Vladimir's Cathedral

St. Vladimir's Cathedral - the Cathedral built in the name of the Holy Prince Vladimir.
Built in honor of the 900th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia.
Located at Shevchenko Boulevard, near the University Metro station.
Address: 20, Shevchenko Blvd.

St. Vladimir's Cathedral

Kiev National University

Largest University in Ukraine. Main building of the university is actively visited attraction in Kiev, has a distinctly red color and architectural design of the Stalin era.

Shevchenko National University in Kiev

University of St. Vladimir (first name) was founded in 1834 and in 1839 opened the first botanical garden in Kiev, which was owned by the Botany Department of the University. ««  tour guide  »»

Mariinsky Palace

Mariinsky Palace was built in 1750 - 1755 years of the project chief court architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli for Empress Elizabeth.
The daughter of Peter I personally chose the site for the construction of the palace - on the Pechersk Hill.
Now, the place is used for official receptions on the state level.
When creating the park was planted Rose Valley, where Dinamo Stadium is now.
Mariinsky Park is located around the building of the palace and is one of the attractions of Kiev.

Mariinsky Palace

Arch of Friendship of Peoples

Monument in Honor of Unification of Ukraine and Russia.

The sculptural composition of Peoples' Friendship Arch is located on the Dnieper. The sculpture was built in 1982, to celebrate the 1500th anniversary of Kiev. The monument is set to Hreschatom Park, formerly known as Merchant's garden.
Location: Kreschaty Park, near the beginning of the Khreshchatyk street.

Arch of Friendship of Peoples

Monument of People's Friendship Arch is dedicated to the reunification of Ukraine with Russia. It consists of three elements: a huge arch in the form of a rainbow, a bronze sculpture of two workers and a scene Pereiaslav happy. In the center of a statue of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and the boyar Buturlin - Russian ambassador.
Monument Pereiaslav glad 1654 is carved out of granite. As a result, Pereiaslav pleased signed a historic agreement to merge with Russia, Ukraine between the Ukrainian Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky and the Russian ambassador boyar Vasily Buturlin. Near the monument is an observation deck overlooking the Dnieper, and the hem Truhanov island.

Foot Bridge

Bridge of "people in love".


The bridge, Crosses the alley called in honor of Tsar Peter I that deeply rifted the Tsar garden in 1909-12. Interestingly, 60 meter bridge (1910 - 11) was assembled before the alley was cut beneath it. The whole project was designed by Professor Paton. This attractive pedestrian way is also known as the "Bridge of Kisses" or "The Lovers' bridge" (romantic place in Kiev). ««  tour guide  »»

Museum of Water

Located in Kreschaty park, above the arch of Friendship of Peoples, near the street Khreshchatyk. Located on a pedestrian route, then the Mariinsky Park and Dynamo stadium.

Museum of Water Museum of Water

Water Information Center - Museum of the water is located underground, inside an old pumping station which is over 100 years old. Above ground there is an entrance to the museum as a water tower.
Address: Grushevskogo Str., 1c. Phone in Kiev: 279 53 33  (Open time: 10:00 - 16:00)
Exhibits are the giant aquariums, an artesian well, a giant toilet bowl, a water reservoir and a fabulous grotto with a waterfall and a realistic thunderstorm with rain and lightning. There is also a playground for children, playing with soap bubbles, the river bed and fabulous fish.

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