Prince Vladimir the Great monument

Monument to Prince Vladimir the Great

One of the symbols of Kiev. The 4,5-meter sculpture of the Baptizer was cast in St.Petersburg in 1853 and the same year placed on its present place. The monument stands 70 meter above the Dnepr river level. The bronze figure of Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavovich in a mantle, with a cross and grand princely hat is his hands stands on a 16-meter pedestal made from cast-iron plates in the form of an 8-facetted chapel in the Russo-Byzantine style. The pedestal bears the bas-relief  "Baptism of Rus" and Kiev's Coat-of-Arms - Archistrategos Michael. The monument was restored in 1953-54.

Legend of the monument to St. Vladimir says that under the foundation of the monument hidden treasures of the church. Another myth is that the pedestal of the monument - a cover of a giant underground wells which can not be opened, because if you open the well, the city will flood. A statue of Vladimir made so that the face of the monument can not be seen without a special lens and then only from a very remote location on the opposite bank of the river. Perhaps the creator of the monument did not want anyone to ever see the face of the statue.

Location: on the Vladimiskaya Hill near the St. Michaelís golden-domed Monastery and the Funicular.


Vladimirskaya Gorka (Hill) Park

One of the most beautiful places in the city, a cozy park with old pavilions and original paths paved with yellow Kiev brick. The park was arranged on the slopes of Michael's hill in the late 20th cent. It owes its name  to the monument to Prince Vladimir standing on the lower terrace of Vladimirska Hill. The park area 10 ha.