Park of Eternal Glory

Park of Eternal Glory

Park of Glory in Kyiv

In the center of the architectural composition of the park is a monument, an obelisk about 30 feet in height, and an eternal flame at the foot of the monument to the Unknown Soldier. Alley leading to the obelisk on both sides of a commemorative granite panels carved with the names of the heroes of Great Patriotic War. Memorial dedicated to the defenders of Kiev, who died during World War II.

Viewing platform located on the edge of the park is one of the most picturesque in Kiev which offers a beautiful view of the left bank of the city, Metro bridge, Water park on the Dnieper, and seen most of Truhanov Island on the Dnieper River.

The history of the park starts from the 60s of last century, but until then, the territory was Anosovsky park. City entertainment (amusement) park in which there were plenty of "fun" sites that are themselves constructed for people of Kiev entertainment in Kiev where citizens spend their leisure time since 1894.

During the heyday of Kievan Rus', this territory was called Berestov, and was the country residence of the Princes of Kiev. At Berestove was the palace of Prince Vladimir of Kiev, as mentioned in the annals of the monk of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra - Nestor-chronicler. In Berestov lived Prince Yaroslav the Wise of Kiev, Sviatoslav Yaroslavovich, Yaroslavovich Vsevolod and Vladimir Monomakh.

Between the park of "Eternal Glory" and the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is one of the oldest cathedrals in Kiev - Church of Saviour on Berestov.

Below are the park is the alleys of the arboretum. Natural hardwood stands of parkland on the slopes of Pechersk Hill is located in the heart of the city of Kiev. In the arboretum you can relax on the way to the historic monument of Kievan Rus - Askold Grave.

Park Located near the Slavy Square.

The nearest subway - Arsenalna metro station.

Admission is free, no modes of operation.

The park is equipped a viewing platform and a magnificent views to the opposite bank of the Dnieper.