Kreschatik street

Kreschatik street (Khreschatyk street - Kiev)

Kreschatik - central street of the city, one of the most popular places of public amusement. This relatively short street is one the list of the “mandatory” tourist sights of Kiev. The first buildings appeared there in 1790s. Convenient location among separate parts of Kiev – the Upper City, Podol, Pechersk and the new Quarters – contributed to the rapid development of the street. Since 1850s, new buildings were erected that determined the look of “old” Khreschatyk. The explosion and fire of 1941 destroyed the bulk of those buildings. The current ensemble was formed in the post-war year.

On Saturday and Sundays, the roadway turns into a pedestrian precinct. On the days of official national ceremonies, Kreschatik together with the Independence Square turns into the main center of festivities in the country.

Khreschatyk has a legendary history - about him once writing the songs, and before the revolution in '17, on Khreschatyk created the most prestigious and expensive restaurants and hotels in Eastern Europe.