Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Kiev Pechersk Lavra

The Kiev - Pechersk Lavra - the cave monastery in Kiev

The oldest monastery in Kievan Rus, 11th century.

Since its foundation as the cave monastery in 1015 the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra has been a preeminent center of the Eastern Orthodox Christianity in Eastern Europe.

It was founded by St. Antony and one of his disciples, St. Theodosius.
The monastery was laid down as a cave monastery, in a subsurface complex on the territory of the present Far caves. 1062, the first ground structures appeared. After 1070s, the monastery center moved to the Upper Lavra. The main temple of the monastery – Dormition Cathedral – and other structures were built there.

Since the 12th century the monastery was called Lavra.

Dormition Cathedral

The names of chronicler Nestor, icon-painter Alipii, healer Agapit, epic Illya of Murom, enlightener Peter Mohyla, historian Innokentiy Hizel and many others are connected with this cloister. The main sacred object of the monastery is the incorruptible relics of the venerable fathers resting in the Near and Far Caves.

The Lavra structures were ruined many times: during the Mongol invasion in 1240, the raid of Crimean Khan Mengli Girai in 1482, in 1718, when a terrible fire swept over the upper Lavra, and during the Nazi Occupation.

Now the Kyiv-Pechersk Preserve and the Monastery coexist on the Lavra’s territory. In 1990, the architectural ensemble of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra was entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Ukraine, Kiev, 21 Lavrska str.
Phone: 280-30-71
web: www.

Open: Summertime:  9 a.m. - 7 p.m; Winter: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Entrance to the caves: 9 a.m. - 16.30 p.m.

How to get:

Getting from the Arsenalna subway station.

The Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is located near the World War II Museum, and the entrance to the Upper Lavra is located near the last stop of public transport (trolley 38, city Bus 24 - if getting from the Kreschatik street).



Kiev Pechersk Lavra guide

Map of National Kyiv-Pechersk historical & cultural preserve

1) Trinity Over-Gate Church, 1106.
2) The Great Lavra Bell Tower, the eighteenth century.
3) Holy Assumption Cathedral, XI-XX century.
4) All Saints Church, the eighteenth century.
5) Church of Our Savior on Berestove XII-XVII century.
6) Dormition Cathedral - 11-20 century.
6B) Refectory of the church, the nineteenth century.
7) Holy Cross Church, the seventeenth century. Entrance to the Caves.
8) St. Ann Conception Church, XVII Century. Log in distant caves.
9) Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, the seventeenth century.


A. Exhibition of Micro miniature
B. Museum of Folk Decorative art
C. The Museum of Printing Ukraine
D. The Museum of Music, Theatre and Film
E. Historical Treasures Museum
F. Souvenir shops
G. Showrooms


Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Kiev Pechersk Lavra golden domed