Independence Square in Kiev

Independence Square - central square of Kiev

Central square of Kiev present-day. Fortifications of the city of Yaroslav with the wooden Lyadsky Gate through which the Mongols burst into the upper city in 1240 covered its north-western extremity from the mid – 11th century. From 1650s till 1830, Pechersk gate (first wooden, then - stone) of the old Kiev Fortress stood on the site of the ancient Lyadsky Gate.

At the junction of the 18th and 19th cent., the square was a neglected lot partially occupied by the so-called Goat Marsh. Defense walls descended there, a dam was raised and a watermill built by their bottom. The first wooden houses were built in 1830s. In 1851, the first large brick building was erected. Before 1917, is housed the provincial Nobility assembly. From the 19th century on, the square was called Kreschatitska, Dumska, Kalinina, of “October revolutionary”. It bears its current name from 1991. In 1976-81, 1998-99 and 2001 the square was reconstructed(as well as Kreschatik str.).

Monument of independence of Ukraine – The monument was open on the eve of the 10th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine in 2001. It is a 52-meter-high column, crowned by woman’s figure with a branch of a snowball tree in her hands. The sculpture of the woman that symbolizes Ukraine has a height of nine meters and weight of more than 20 tons.

Independence Square - Maidan Nezalezhnosti is the central square of Kiev.

Independence Square turns into the main center of festivities in the country.