Church of the Tithes

Church of the Tithes

Church of the Tithes - a Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin.
Also - The "Church of Our Lady".
Church of the Tithes was built by Vladimir the Great - this is the first stone Christian church in Kievan Rus' that was described in ancient chronicles.

Tithe Cathedral was built in the 10th century, between 986 and 996 in Kiev in honor of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin during the reign of the Prince of Kiev - Vladimir the Great.

Volodymyr the Great allocated a tenth of their income to build a church - Therefore, there was such a title.

The church was built Russian and Byzantine builders - in honor of the date of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. In the ancient chronicles written about the construction of the church was completed in 996, and then the second Metropolitan of Kiev Leonti first consecrated church.

The architectural design of the church is a cruciform domed stone temple, which had six levels, the central tower with a dome and galleries on three sides.
The walls of the church built of flat Byzantine bricks are called - plinfy. Cement-lime binder was added ceramic chips.
Tithe church was richly decorated with mosaics, frescoes and carved marble slabs.
The interior of the Tithe church contains icons, crosses, and the dishes that were brought from the Chersonese Tauride in 1007.

In the Church of the Tithes was the prince's tomb, where they were buried, Prince Vladimir and his Christian wife - Byzantine Princess Anna.
Also from Vyshshgorod were brought and buried in the tomb of bone Equal to the Apostles Princess Olga.

According to records at the church had 25 cupolas

Church of the Tithes

History of the Church of the Tithes:

"In the summer of 6497 (989 AD) decided to create a church of the Holy Virgin Church and invited builders from the Greece" ("Tale of Bygone Years").

In 1169 the church was looted army Andrew Bogolyubsky.

In 1203 the church was plundered by the troops of Rurik Rostislavich.

At the end of 1240 Church of the Tithes was the last defensive haven citizens during the occupation of Kiev Tatar-Mongol horde of Batu Khan.
According to legend, the Tithe church collapsed and under the ruins buried of last defenders of ancient Kiev. After that 2000 citizens were deported to slavery, and the city two centuries lay in ruins.

The first excavations of the temple began in the 30s of the XVII century on the initiative of the Metropolitan of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra - Peter Mohyla , who founded near a small church to the memory of the destroyed temple.

Metropolitan of Kyiv Petro Mohyla in the XVII century, partially restored the church, but within a century it has become to break down, and again it became necessary to build a new temple. Petro Mohyla bequeathed 1,000 gold coins to rebuild the Church of the Tithes.

During the excavations it was discovered burial of Prince Vladimir and his wife Anna. After excavation of Princes skull buried in the church of the Savior on Berestov, but later moved to the Cathedral of the Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Other remains were buried in St. Sophia Cathedral.

Church of the Tithes

In 1824, Metropolitan Eugene Bolkhovitinov issued an order to clear the foundation of the Church of the Tithes.
August 2, 1828 started the construction of a new church, which is entrusted to the St. Petersburg architect V.Stasov.
The new church was built in the Moscow-Byzantine style which is quite similar to the ancient Church of the Tithes. Construction at a cost of 100,000 gold rubles. The iconostasis made ??from copies of the icons of the iconostasis of the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg.
In 1842 a new church "Assumption of the Virgin" consecrated Metropolitan of Kiev - Filaret, Archbishop of Zhitomir - Nikanor and Bishop of Smolensk - Joseph.

In 1928 the Church of the Tithes, as well as many other religious buildings were demolished the Soviet regime.

In 1938-1939, the research group, the Institute of History of Material Culture of the USSR under the leadership of Karger M.K. conducted studies all parts of the remains of the Church of the Tithes. During the excavations were again found fragments of the fresco and mosaic decorations of the ancient temple, stone tombs, the remains of foundations, etc.
Near the Church of the Tithes were discovered the ruins of the Princely Palace and the seigniorial estates, as well as craftsmen and numerous burial IX-X centuries

Archaeological finds are kept in the St. Sophia Cathedral and the National Museum of History of Ukraine which is located near.

The remaining underground foundations of the original Church of the Tithes display art Chersonese and the early era of the Byzantine style.
The excavations found ancient extension to the church and the ancient burial site. Tiered extensions have been created in the XII century, one of them was used for the disposal of the noble people of that time.

Now days, the area of excavation is closed to the public. Excavations are conducted less frequently than the agitation for the construction of a new church.

Address: Str. Vladimirskayaya 2, Andrew's descent, Desyatinny Lane, near the Museum of Ukrainian History and Landscape alley. The nearest metro stations: "Kontraktovaya" or "Independence Square".

How to reach the Church of the Tithes: the 18 trolley (bus) on the "Independence Square" - a 1 stop, then walk past St. Michael's Cathedral, and further down the Desyatinna str.
How to get to the Church of the Tithes: from the "Kontraktova" Metro station - climb up the Andrew's descent, or climb the Funicular (cable car).

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