Monument to Christening of Rus

Monument to Christening of Rus and Magdeburg Low

The oldest architectural monument in Kiev, designed by architect Melensky, was constructed in 1802 - 1808, above the spring where, according to legend, Prince Vladimir christened his children.

Before this monument, since ancient times, there had been a chapel that belonged to Podol Nativity of Christ Church.

When the monument to Prince Vladimir was constructed on Vladimirsky Spusk another name appeared - "Lower monument to Vladimir". It was also named "Magdeburg low column" as the reason for its construction was confirmation of Magdeburg Low to Kiev and Podol.

In reference to this, a plate was fixed on the lower part of the column the plate reads: "By diligence of Kiev citizens for confirmation of ancient rights of the capital by All-Russia Emperor Alexander 1".

In 1988, on the occasion of 1000 anniversary of Rus Christening, the monument was restored. Its 18-meter column was crowned with a crest again.

Located: Naberezhne shosse, near the pedestrian bridge.