Grishko National Botanical Gardens in Kiev

N. Grishko National Botanical Gardens in Kiev

Grishko National Botanical Gardens for a wide variety of collections of living plants and extent of territory, level of research and breeding activities is one of the leading institutions of the largest botanical gardens in Europe.
The largest Central Botanical Gardens was founded in 1935 and covers an area of 130 hectares.

The botanical garden greenhouses organized tours and excursions in the exhibition of tropical plants and floral collections.

Arboretum Botanical Garden has hundreds of species of trees and shrubs in an area of 30 hectares.

Spring chestnut trees flowering and lilac bushes countless attracts a huge number of visitors to the garden, both foreign visitors and native citizens.

At the 5,000 square meters of greenhouses under climate control system is a tropical and subtropical plants.

The Botanical Garden is one of the largest collections of tropical orchids of the 350 native species and varieties.

Collections and expositions:
Botanical and geographical areas
Monotonous gardens
lilac Garden
magnolia Garden
Birch Grove.
The collections of tropical and subtropical plants
Collection of fruit, vegetable and medicinal plants
Collection of flowers and ornamental plants

The garden is located in the historic area called the "Holy mountain of Kiev", located on the third, far-historic hill of town.

In the center area of the botanical garden is the Holy Trinity Ioninsky Monastery and it seems that the Central Botanical Garden of Kiev set up around the monastery and was built in the occult location.

At the bottom of the hill is Vydubychi monastery.

In 2012 the largest botanical garden in Kiev, hosted the first international festival of contemporary sculpture park, which in future will probably be a regular grand event.

Grishko National Botanical Gardens of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is a natural-reserved fund of Ukraine, is the subject of complex and belongs to the lands of natural, historical and cultural significance which are protected as national heritage of the state.

N. Grishko National Botanical Garden of NAS of Ukraine - Ukraine's national scientific institute that conducts research on introduction and acclimatization of plants, Dendrology and Park management, conservation of the gene pool of rare and endangered plant species, plant breeding and genetics of ornamental, fruit, vegetable and fodder cultural, medical botany, biotechnology of tropical and subtropical plants and plants bio indication.

How to get to the Botanic Garden:
From metro station "Pecherskaya" or "Arsenalna" on a trolley - 18.
To get to the garden from the main railway station is on the trolley 14, about 30 minutes to the last stop.
From metro station "Pecherskaya" - bus # 62.
Nearest Metro station - Druzhby Narodov (Friendship of Peoples).
Address: 1, Timiryazevska street. Pechersky district.

Time Botanical Garden, open:
Summer: 8:30 to 21:00;
Fall - Winter: November - April from 8:00 to 17:00.

Hours: Greenhouse complex - from 11:00 to 17:00. Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00.
Monday and Tuesday - do not open.
URL: www.

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Grishko National Botanical Gardens in Kiev

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