Fomin Botanical Garden

Fomin Botanical Garden

In 1977, Fomin Botanical Garden opened the first greenhouse-Climatronic with a glass dome height of 30 meters and a total area of 1000 square meters. m, which was intended for the cultivation of palm trees.

In 1984, the second dome was built a greenhouse with total area of 532 sq.m. for tropical and subtropical plants.Fomin Botanical Garden

Garden consists of 2 administrative parts:
1st area - a park that is open to public access.
2nd area - Research, entrance to which is paid and regulated.

The main activities of the research division Fomin Botanical Garden - a solution to the problems of introduction, acclimatization and the protective functions of plants.

In 2004, the Botanical Garden Museum opened in Kiev. Garden and Museum, conducts scientific and educational activity has the status of scientific and educational center, organizes paid and free tours of the garden is the work of educational Biological Faculty of Kiev National University.

The first Botanical Garden in Kiev (of Fomin) was established in 1839, for scientific research at the Department of Botany the St. Vladimir's University which today is referred to as the "Shevchenko National University" and which is nowdays the most prestigious institution of higher education in Ukraine.

The area of the first botanical garden in Kiev - 22.5 hectares.

Fomin Botanical Garden

To the Botanical Garden can be accessed through any of the 3 public input, or through the entrance near the Climatronic-greenhouses.

The Fomin Botanical Garden located opposite the St. Vladimir Cathedral.

How to get to the Botanical Gardens:

On the subway you can reach to the Universitet metro station (entrance to the Botanical Garden is located at the exit side of the metro).

Reach by public transport:
trolley # 5 from the "Peremogy Sq." (Avenue of Victory)
or trolley number 8 and 17 from the Kyiv city airport "Juliany".
To reach from the Central Railway station - it needs to pass a stop on the subway.

Free admission.

Do not locked at the night.

Botanical Garden is located near the Shevchenko Blvd.

Address: Ukraine, Kiev, 1 Simon Petlyura Str. (lateral side of Shevchenko Blvd)
Tel.: 239 31 90

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