Andrew's descent

Andrew's descent

One of the most beautiful streets in the city, the "Andriivsky Uzviz" joins the two oldest parts of the city - the upper city and "Podol". Here one may feel Kiev unique features, its amazing images and facets. The street is built up with the buildings of 19th - 20th centuries boundary. There are museums, theaters, art galleries, and souvenir shops. Artists, as well as masters of other genres, are able to sell the products of their artistry from stands and stalls in the open air.

Andrew's descent is often compared to Montmartre in Paris or the Arbat in Moscow. The names of famous cultural workers of the past are connected to this street.

All this made "Andreevskiy Spusk" the favorite place of both Kievites and tourists.

Andrew's Descent is one of the most famous streets of Kiev.

Going to St. Andrew's descent can visit the many attractions.
There is the St. Andrew's Cathedral, Church of the Tithes, Castle of Richard the Lion-Heart, Pronya Prokopovna & Golokhvastov monument, the Museum of one street (about Descent), Bulgakov museum, and more. At the end of Andrew's descent is a Kontraktova square.

History of St. Andrew's Descent:

In the 9 - 10th century had built up the upper part.
In the early 18th century, the descent has been expanded.
Since the 19th century, Andrew's descent began actively built up.

Location: near the begin of the Vladimirskaya street, Kiev. Located along the entire length of the descent of Old Kiev Hill, the path to Podol toward the Dnieper.

old Andrew's descent