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National Bank of Ukraine

The building of the National Bank of Ukraine is an architectural object of pre-revolutionary era of economic development. The building was constructed for the first stock exchange in Kiev and had only two floors. Were subsequently constructed the following two stories.
The whole Institutskaya street is business district in Kiev before the revolution 1917, from the Independence Square to the building of the Stock Exchange. On both sides of the streets were located Merchant and trading houses and offices of foreign traders and industrialists.    tour guide  »»

National Bank of Ukraine



Askold's Grave

Askold's Grave - Located on the slope of the Pechersk hill below the Mariinsky Park, on Park Road near the Green Theatre.

According to ancient legend, in 882 Prince Oleg of Novgorod deceit lured Askold - ruler of Kiev and treacherously killed him because he did not belong to the family of Rurik. After that, Prince Oleg claimed the throne of Kiev.

Askold's Grave

The monument to Christianity of Rus

Structure The tower, located at the foot of Vladimir's Hill, on the lower terrace of the stairs leading to the embankment of the Dnieper.
Monument to the baptism of Kievan Russia - is the column of Magdeburg low, is the oldest monument in Kiev. The architectural composition is made up of the pedestal and the Tuscan order columns. The pedestal is arched, vaulted. 

column of Magdeburg low

Kiev's Puppet Theater

Kiev State Puppet Theatre - one of the two theaters of puppets who work in Kiev.
Built in 2005 near the Khreschaty park and looks like a fairytale castle. The previous building was handed over to the Jewish community, because before the Revolution, this building was a synagogue.

Kiev's Puppet Theater



Pirogovo Museum

Museum of Folk Architecture and Life - Pirogovo Museum of Architecture and Landscape complex - open-air museum. Park, historical and ethnographic cultures of Ukraine. Located on the southern outskirts of Kiev, in Goloseyevsky area, near the village of Pirogovo. To get to this park can be on the trolley from the subway station.

Pirogovo Museum

The museum was founded in 1969. Museum focuses on the area of 275 architectural artifacts XVI-XX centuries. Estate with farmhouses and outbuildings formed with documentary authenticity and grouped according to characteristics of the planning of settlements corresponding period of history. On the territory there are churches, windmills and other monuments.
The Pirogovo museum and Park is a Lounge place. On the territory can ride horses, dine in many restaurants. The museum hosts festivals and fairs.


Feofania Park

One of the most interesting parks in Kiev. Located opposite the Pirogovo Museum of Folk Architecture (across the street). The Feofania Park has a church and created artificial lake. The park has a hollow shape and is the most unfrequented. Before the trip to see the location on a map of the city.

Feofania Park Feofania Park



Pedestrian bridge (Foot bridge)


Pedestrian bridge

Pedestrian bridge to the Truhanov island - connecting the right bank of the Dnieper River to the island. The island is uninhabited parkland with beaches.

The Walking bridge to Truhanov island  is located near the marine station and the subway station "Post Sq./ Pochtova Sq.".




The Kiev funicular was built on the slope of the oldest Kiev hill. Connects Poshtova Sq. with Michaels Sq. in the upper city. The lower entrance is located near the metro station "Postal Sq." and the upper exit is near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and St. Michael's Cathedral.

The funicular (cable car) the initial track length was 193m. (1905), another 38m. were added in 1928. It takes about 3 minutes to travel upwards downwards. From the funicular cars, you may admire a panoramic view of Podol.   tour guide  »»

Funicular Funicular and Poshtova sq.



Kiev river port

Kiev passenger river terminal in Kiev on the Dnepr river. Near the funicular.  On the river station sent pleasure boats on the river and boat trips along the Dnieper. Excursions by boat on the river Dnieper in Kiev and river tours, you can order here.

Kiev river port



Kiev Fortress Museum

The Kiev Fortress - fortifications/defenses. The first name - New Pechersk fortress.

Kiev Fortress Museum Kiev Fortress Museum

Unique to such complex structures are protective earthen ramparts, is the only castle in Europe.
Located  on Hospitalna Street, 24A.
Historical and architectural monument, the monument-museum was founded in 1927 and is affiliated with the Museum of History of Kiev.
Oblique caponier - part of the Kyiv Fortress, built in 1844 as a fortification in the New Pechersk fortress.
In the Kievan fortress Lysogorskaya entered the fort, built in 1872 which was a complex system of bastions and lunettes ravelins.



St. Nicholas Church - The Catholic Church

National House of Organ and Chamber Music of Ukraine is located in a converted room at the concert hall of the church of St. Nicholas.
Construction of the church led the architector Gorodetsky.
Catholic church was built 10 years (18991909).
Located address: 77 Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str.

St. Nicholas Church

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