Kiev sightseeing - Legends and myths

Urban legends - a belief of citizens, modern versions of the myth: a short, almost believable, sometimes untrue stories.

Legends of Kiev Sights

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House with Chimeras

House with Chimeras

House with Chimeras or Gorodetsky House.

Situated on No. 10, Bankova Street, across from the President of Ukraine's office in the historic Lypky neighborhood.

Legend said that in the House with Chimaeras depicts a crocodile, but find it is very difficult.

Chimeras House in Kiev



The People's Friendship Arch

The People's Friendship Arch

Monument to the Friendship of Nations.

Kreschaty park. Near Kreschatik street.


Arch has an acoustic effect.

Sound of the voice passes through the upper hand is better than directly between the bases.

The People's Friendship Arch



A giant bronze frog monument

Pinchuk Frog and Lucky tongue

A frog brings good luck if you rub her tongue.

Money Box in which you can throw money at the family well-being.

It is estimated that it could hold 8.5 million UAH.

bronze frog monument

A similar legend:




Panikovsky monument

Panikovsky monument

Panikovsky, fiction character, moves personage

Proreznaya str., 4


On the sole of the shoe is a latent image.

Image can be seen using a mirror.




Bridge of people in love

When you are with a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman in Kiev and looking for just the right romantic spot, take a stroll over “The Lover’s Bridge” or as some call it the “Bridge of Kisses”, and watch the magic happen.

This pedestrian bridge links Khreshchaty Park with City Park in central part of Kiev.

loving people put the lock on the railing of the bridge.

legend has it that it gives a long love.

Bridge of people in love



House of Weeping Widow

House of Weeping Widow. The House of the weeping widow is situated on the 23 Luteranska Street.

On the facade of the house is a picture of a woman.

on the face of a woman has the marks of rain water.

House of Weeping Widow



Stone - monument

Stone - monument. Is located on an old Kiev's hill.

The stone on which the chronicle is the inscription: "from here went to the Russian land."
On the stone is written: "This is where the Russian land begining".

Stone - monument




Interesting legends about the sights

Tree of Happiness in the Navodnitsky park. For a happy marriage - you need to touch the bronze leaf of the tree, "Tree of Happiness" and tied a ribbon there.
Make a wish that the children are healthy - you need to touch the apples on the tree.

The scarab beetle in Golohvastov coat: need to rub the scarab on the "Pronya Prokopovna and Golohvastov" monument - and make a wish and ask for marital happiness (the monument is located below the St. Andrew's Church).

Fountain of desires in St. Michael's Monastery. Behind the cathedral is the "Fountain of desires." In order to make a wish - you need to soak the coin in the fountain and try to stick it to the fountain. Make a wish come true - if the coin will stick briefly before falling into the fountain. flying cow


"Turd" under the "flying cow": If you stand on the piece of shit, you can make a wish, and financial well-being and more money (located in the yard on the Gonchara street).


Near the gate of Trinity Overgate Church, in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra - during the holiday of "Trinity", once a year can make a wish. From purity of thought will depend - make a wish come true or not.

Monk Dositheus in Kitaevskaya emptiness - which come to find love.

The relics of St. Barbara in St. Vladimir's Cathedral. You can ask for protection from sudden death, and you can buy and wear "Varvara's rings."

Church of the Mother of God, "Life-giving Source" at the Near Caves of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. You can make a wish for change to happiness, if at the end of church service dress hat Mark-grave-digger.

Happy change in the destiny of not only come true if you ask and give, but can come true only partially.



Unusual monuments in Kiev

Caramel Monument - located opposite the entrance to PinchukArtCenter, on the Bessarabian area (at the end of Downtown.)

Red cat - who was afraid of his shadow. Cat is reflected in a store window near the Bessarabian Market.

Monument of Nose - according to legend, this nose belongs to N. Gogol. Located at the entrance to the gallery at the Andrew's Descent 34. The nose is very expressive and unusual.

A monument to Yaroslav the Wise, near the Golden Gate. On the back of the monument (Yaroslav the Wise) the imprint of the three big men's hands (in the mystery of their appearance).

Cat Monument

Cat Pontyusha Monument, near the Golden Gate. Created this monument in honor of the Cat, after a fire in the restaurant "Pantagruel," near which it is located. In case of fire in the restaurant was killed that same cat Pontyusha (Panteleimon) - a favorite restaurant hostess, in whose honor the monument and installed (unfortunately the bird near the cat did not save the Vandals). Once a new legend that supposedly is a monument to the cat - "Behemoth" from Bulgakov's novel "The Master and Margarita". But still the customer was the owner of the monument to the restaurant - Sichkar Margaret, wife of footballer Vladislav Vashchuk, and made the statue by sculptor Bogdan Mazur.

Hedgehog in the Fog monument


Hedgehog in the Fog - located at the intersection of Zolotovorotskaya and Reitarska streets, in the park which is adjacent to Georgievsky Lane, behind St. Sophia Cathedral.

A monument to the "Hedgehog in the Fog" in honor of the same cartoon, quite recently. That fact is remarkable that in this century it was recognized as "cartoon of all time."



Zheglov and Sharapov Monument in Kiev - Address: Academic Bogomoletz Street, 10 (near the Ministry of Internal Affairs). Getting there by Shovkovichnaya street from Arsenalna Metro station.

Ballerina monument, is located at the intersection of the Streletskaya street and the Sretenskiy Lane.

Monument of trampled shoes - Belarusian Street 3, near the Lukyanivska metro station.

The crocodile, fish, and two butterflies - a monument, the intersection of streets Gonchar and Kotsyubinsky.

4-meter-long Pinocchio - located on the Gonchara street, 57.

Flying Cow - in the yard near the street intersection. O.Gonchara and Yaroslav Val.

Donkey with cart - Rylsky lane which goes to St. Sophia Square.

Papa Carlo and Thumbelina - near Puppet Theatre, Kreschaty Park, International Square.

Lanterns in Love - on a bench in Independence Square.

Lanterns in Love monument

That is not all and not all the unusual characters ...



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