Stadium of EURO 2012 in Kiev

Kiev stadium for the UEFA EURO 2012 Championship in Kiev



European Football Championship EURO 2012 in Kiev will be held at the National Sports Complex "Olympisky".

Reconstructed "Respublikansky National Stadium" and a group of sports facilities around it, as well as the building of the Ukrainian Football Association have been renamed, and have a new name: National sports complex "Olympisky".

The reconstruction of the stadium took more than 2 years. And now the new stadium meets the highest international standards and requirements applicable to the upper class sports facilities.

Class sporting facility for the category Cup - 4.

The stadium is equipped with vandal-proof seat of the fire-resistant plastic and a special roof-membrane that protects the spectators from rain and giant LED screens for the fans and the fans.

Capacity NSC "Olympisky" after reconstruction for the European Football Championship EURO 2012 is more than 70 000 people without seats in the VIP boxes.

At the stadium of national sports complex "Olympiysky" in Kiev will bequeathed the final match between the national football teams of the European states. At the same time opening EURO2012 held in Poland.