Fan zones of EURO 2012 in Kiev

The official fan zones for the Euro 2012 European Football Championship in Kiev will meet UEFA requirements and seats up to 90,000 fans.

According to it, the fan zone will be located in the central part of the capital within walking distance of the National "Olympiysky" stadium.


Kiev Fan Zones and public viewing of Euro 2012

Open in the centre of Kiev. Kiev fans and guests will be able to see opening of Euro 2012 - broadcast from Poland.

The main Fanzone for EURO-2012 will be ready to hold almost 100 thousands football fans. It will begin from the Institutskaya Street through the Independence Square (Kiev central Square) and finish at the crossing of the Kreschatik Street and Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street.

Second fun zones of European Football Championship in Ukraine situated near Stadium. During the Championship’s opening in Warsaw those people who wish will be able to come to the Fan Zones and see broadcasting the matches on the 4 large screens.

Football (Soccer) fans will be provided all necessary conditions and services to see the Championship comfortable.

UEFA sponsored to Ukraine one million Euro for organizing and arranging the Fan Zone, and we offer the most efficient use of the allotted monetary resources to spare so much money as possible, being received from the city budget.

Biggest Fan zone in Ukraine will be located on the main street of Kiev - Kreschatik.

Khreshatik is the main street of Kiev.

Khreshchatik Street starts from the slope above the river Dnieper and "Internatsyonalnaya square".

Every weekend there is an event or a concert.

On one end of Khreshatik there is the famous Bessarabsky market - originally it was a market with goods brought by peasants from Bessarabia.

Today, the ground floor is fully occupied by vegetables, fruits, flowers, spices, meat, fish, caviar and other goods. From outside, the building is filled with restaurants, snack bars, shops and cafes, sushi bar, pizzeria and other.