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Kiev tour guide

Tourist map of walking tour to visit the sights of Kiev

Center of city and major tourist attractions

Kiev tour map and major tourist attractions

Tourist map of attractions in Kiev

Situation of sights in the central part of Kiev

Situation of sights in the central part of Kiev


map of the central part of Kiev and metro stations

map of the central part of Kiev and metro stations


Map of the central districts of Kiev

Map of the central districts of Kiev

getting from the railway to center of city


City guide: Three-day city tour

walking tour

City guide: Three-day city tour


A textual description of the sights

description walking tour



Kiev Pechersk Lavra guide

Kiev Pechersk Lavra guide


guidebook in Sofia Cathedral

guidebook in Sofia Cathedral

St. Sofia Cathedral map

Sofia Cathedral -  XI century.
Bell tower - 1699-1706.
House of metropolitan - 1722-1730.
Refectory - 1722-1730.
Monk building - XVIII c.
School - 1763-1767.
Dining and consistory, 1722-1730.
South entrance Tower - XVIII c.
Gate - 1746.


Andrew's descent map



Pirogovo Museum guide


St. Michael’s golden-domed Monastery guide



Kiev city guide - free download

Guidebook in Kiev

(iPaper city guide, pdf, 40 pages, 18Mb)



Hiking (sightseeing tours)

All major attractions are located downtown, and have established walking path.

Map of the tourist route for sightseeing, a kind of almost a straight line (one way).
Nature trail is located along the edge of the two hills above the river Dnieper, and only on the Old-Kiev Hill tourist path forks in different directions (to Andrew's descent and Podol, or a Golden Gate).

When planning a route should take into account the terrain, as multiple ascents of the hills may be difficult. Details of the tourist route - click here.

A walking tour of the city's top attractions

The historical center of Kiev is located on the hills.
Khreshchatyk Street is located in a valley between the Old-Kiev Hill and Pechnersk Hill, high above the Dnipro River. Khreshchatyk starts perpendicular to the Dnieper River.

First the central street of Kiev - Vladimirska, starts from St. Michael's Cathedral in Old-Kiev Hill.

Golden Gate - the monument of architecture, is the far boundary of the ancient city.
Golden gate is located at a distance of 4 city blocks from the edge of the slope of the Dnieper (the opposite border of the ancient city), where are St. Michael's Cathedral and the Church of the Tithes - which is the oldest stone building of Kievan Rus.

Itinerary Suggestions

The recommended sights route to the hilly terrain:

Kiev tour guide

Tour of the sights where the ups and downs with the city of hills can be minimized or ride on the Metro. Tourist Walk will be held with a rise of Internatsionalnaya Sq. (near the beginning of Khreschatyk Street) - on the Old-Kiev Hill, and instead of the other foot lifts to the hills you can ride on the Metro.

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

A walking tour should start from the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the first to reach the monastery from the "Arsenalna" Metro station  on a trolley (38) to the last stop which is located near the of World War II Museum, and near the Cave Monastery.

Motherland monument

After visiting to the World War II museum and "Motherland" monument, to go in the opposite direction, back toward the Arsenalna Underground station.

Along the way, you can visit  "monument to the victims of famine" and a "Slavy" monument (Eternal Glory park).

To visit the monument "Askold's Grave" which is located at the slope, you need to go down to Dneprovskiy descent, near the Slavy Square (Square of Fame).
Plan a route the way you can watch or download - for free.

At a distance of one city block on "Arsenalna" Metro Station is "Mariinsky Park", passing through which one can see the Mariinsky Palace and go to the observation deck, and then continue your way down the side of a hill overlooking the Dnieper.

No need to turn off the "House with Chimeras", because it can be reached by Metro later.

Next, the path passes the "Dynamo" stadium that was built on the site of the "Rose valley", go through the "Bridge of Lovers", by "water museum", near the Giant Toad monument, and then down stairs to the Arch of Friendship of Peoples.

After entering to the European Sq., you need go to the opposite side through the underpass, and then climb up to the Old-Kiev's Hill, up the Trehsvyatitelska street, then turn right to the viewing platform and to the St. Vladimir monument.

Then you can get around the other side of the whole neighborhood and visit St. Michael's Cathedral and go on to St. Andrew's descent.

Andrew's descent

At the beginning of Andrew's descent passing by 350-year-old linden tree, can to visit the prince's palace of the 10th century and look at the foundation of the Church of the Tithes and sit on the millennial stone that reads "It went to the Russian land" near the Museum of Ukrainian history and landscape Alley (Desyatinny Lane) and then you can go down to the Podol district of Andrew's descent but first go to St. Andrew's Church.

St. Andrew's Church

At Andrew's descent is Richard's Castle - Lion Heart and Bronze statue Golohvastov and Proni Prokopovny, but according to legend can rub of scarab beetle for lucky on the Golokhvastov coat.


At the Podol to walk the Sagaidachnogo street to Postal Square and on the cable car (Funicular) back up on the Old-Kiev hill.

Then go past Michael's Cathedral and walk to St. Sophia's Square, visit the museum "St. Sophia's Cathedral" and further on Vladimirska street, past the monument to "Hedgehog in the Fog" walk one block to Golden Gate.

Then you can go to the "the Golden Gate" Metro station,  or down on by the National Opera House to the Kiev National University, and then visit St. Vladimir's Cathedral, and going to the opposite side of the Shevchenko boulevard, go to the University Metro station.

After passage in the Metro (1-2 stops) must rise to the top out of the "Kreschatik" station  on the Instituskaya street, then walk one block and turn right to the House with Chimeras and President Administration.

You can pass to the "Weeping Widow" building and further down to Kruglouniversitetska street, entering the Bessarabian Sq., which is located at the end of the street Khreshchatyk...  or go back to the subway station, but to go into a side street past the Drama Theatre to Kiev Passage, and then stroll on Downtown Street to the Panikovsky monument on the Proreznaya street.

This route allows for a few hours to visit the main tourist sites, and subsequently can generate more optimal routes.


Tourist trips around Kiev:

"Kyiv fortress" Museum is located well away from tourist routes, it is a fortress with defensive ramparts and more than three centuries of history, is located above the "Olympiisky" stadium (at the edge of the Pechersk hill).

Photographs of urban landscapes can be done immediately after moving through of the any bridges on the left bank of the Dnieper river.


The most respectable restaurant is "Belvedere", located on the tourist route to Kiev in the historic district, located near the Slavy Square, has an excellent viewing platform at the edge of the slope, which is seen almost the entire left bank of the Dnieper (1, Dniprovkiy descent).

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The only recommended a fast food restaurant - "Home Cooking" is above the Central Department Store. Go on B.Khmelnitsky Street from Kreschatik (is not advertising).


Summary of Kiev

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is the largest city of the country and located in the north central part of it. Kiev stands on steep hills overlooking the Dnepr River.



Independence Square