Flying over Kiev by quadcopter

Flights over the city: Real flying over the city center of Kiev, using the online control of the quadcopter through glasses and video broadcast.

A safe flight over Kiev for sightseeing while sitting in a chair near the Arch of Friendship.

Quadcopter is controlled by the control panel, and also through radio communication by online camera (video broadcast).

You can immediately fly across the Dnieper and look back to the right bank of the city and even to yourself.

Survey of sights from a bird's-eye view.

This is a real flight over the city, except that you do not sit in the pilot's seat.

Quadrocopter or simply-flying drone is controlled by you through the glasses of "virtual reality" (headset).

Note: flights over Kiev by helicopter are not yet possible, but virtual flights are via now!

In this attraction FPV glasses are used. Complete control of the drone and the choice of the flight route depends only on the client.

This entertainment is not an imitation, because everyone will completely control the quadcopter and see through the video glasses exactly where he flies.


Video presentation:



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